Research conducted at the Swenam Canadian Institute of Research & Innovation (Sciri) adheres rigorously to elevated ethical standards. The following delineates a comprehensive overview of essential ethical principles imperative for researchers engaged in their respective pursuits within the institution:


Researchers are obligated to uphold the highest standards of honesty across all facets of their work. This encompasses unwavering integrity in scientific communications, meticulous reporting of experimental data, transparent depiction of results, methodologies, and procedures, as well as forthright disclosure of publication status. Fabrication, falsification, or misrepresentation of data is strictly prohibited, with all research outcomes presented in a manner that precludes any form of deception towards colleagues, funding agencies, or the public.


Researchers must diligently circumvent any semblance of bias in experimental design, data analysis, interpretation, peer review processes, personnel decisions, grant applications, expert testimonies, and other realms where objectivity is pivotal. They are enjoined to mitigate bias or self-delusion and disclose any personal or financial interests that could potentially influence their research endeavors.


Upholding commitments and agreements, fostering sincerity, and upholding coherence in thought and action are hallmarks of researchers' integrity, which they must consistently demonstrate.

Respect for Intellectual Property

Researchers are duty-bound to uphold the sanctity of patents, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property. Unauthorized use of unpublished data, methodologies, or findings is strictly prohibited, with proper acknowledgment mandated for all contributions to research. Plagiarism is unequivocally condemned.


Researchers are entrusted with safeguarding confidential communications, encompassing submissions for publication, personnel records, proprietary information, and patent-related documentation.

Responsible Publication

Researchers are enjoined to prioritize the advancement of research and scholarship over personal career gains, eschewing redundant or wasteful publications.

Responsible Mentoring

Facilitating the educational growth, mentorship, and guidance of students is a cornerstone of researchers' responsibilities. They are tasked with nurturing students' well-being and autonomy.

Respect for Colleagues

Researchers must exhibit respect towards their peers and ensure equitable treatment in all interactions.

Social Responsibility

Beyond avoiding harm, researchers are called upon to actively contribute to societal welfare, leveraging their research, educational initiatives, and advocacy efforts to prevent or mitigate social injustices.


Discrimination based on irrelevant factors such as gender, race, or ethnicity is strictly prohibited, with scientific competence and integrity serving as the sole criteria for evaluation.


Researchers are obligated to continually enhance their professional competence through lifelong learning endeavors, thereby promoting excellence in the scientific community.


Researchers must remain cognizant of and adhere to pertinent laws and institutional regulations governing their research activities.

By embracing these ethical imperatives, researchers at Swenam Canadian Institute of Research & Innovation (Sciri) not only uphold the integrity of their work but also contribute to the advancement of knowledge with steadfast dedication and ethical rigor.