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Swenam College offers a variety of academic programs in Business, Finances, Marketing, Nutrition and Food Service Management, Psychology, Economics, Science, and Language programs. In addition to the Research Training & Career Development Programs in different fields.

Swenam College provides a wide range of awards, scholarships for outstanding students, and for applicants from underrepresented communities. Swenam College is one of the very few institutions in Canada that provides financial aid to international students.

Infectious Diseases

The College Scientific Research Training & Innovation Department provides a powerful interdisciplinary Research Training and Career Development Programs under the supervision of
a pool of reputable well educated professors, researchers and pioneers in their fields.

The College is led by competent and well educated individuals in Academia and Industry, who aim to provide the college's management team valuable insight and perspective on current trends, challenges and opportunities in the industry.

Our objective is to create a supportive environment that encourages students to develop and express their true selves by promoting acceptance, unity, and companionship, irrespective of their background.

Swenam College Research Services Center (RSC) collaborates with several industrial partners, providing them with assortment of innovative and cost-efficient R&D services to aid these partners in expediting their R&D operations in their projects.

Our Career Development Center (CDC) has a team of expert career counselors. The CDC offers a range of services and resources, including resume and cover letter writing workshops, mock interviews, career fairs, and networking events, to help students acquire all the necessary skills.

The Partnership and Collaboration team at our college collaborates with industry leaders to provide students with insights into the job market and emerging trends, ensuring that students are fully equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to succeed in the ever-evolving job market.

At Swenam college, Diversity and Inclusion are core values that we embrace and celebrate. At our college we strive to provide equal opportunities and resources to all members of our community, and to ensure everyone feels supported and empowered to succeed.

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Government Certification

Swenam College is an accredited institution under the Private Training Institution Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

Why Swenam College?

Welcome to Swenam College, where knowledge, creativity, and opportunity meet. This prestigious institution is home to some of the brightest minds and most innovative thinkers in the world. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge, build your skills, or pursue your passions, Swenam College has something for everyone. We are committed to the development and delivery of top quality educational services. We aim to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Our goal is to foster a dynamic learning community that values critical thinking, creativity, and ethical leadership. Through innovative programs and hands-on experiences, we strive to empower students to achieve their full potential and make a positive impact on their communities and the world. We believe that when supporting thinking, we can help change the world to a better place. 

Employment Training Programs

Swenam College has an outstanding dedicated team of professional program designing and curriculum development experts that are working very efficiently in order to design employment training programs that provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to advance their careers. Our employment training programs offer hands-on experience, mentorship, and instruction in the latest industry trends and practices. With Swenam College’s employment training programs, individuals can explore new career paths or develop existing skills to excel in their current jobs. The programs not only provide valuable knowledge but also give job seekers the chance to network with other professionals, creating connections that can lead to new job opportunities. Employers can also benefit from these programs by improving their workforce’s productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction. Employment training programs are a valuable investment for individuals and businesses alike, leading to improved career prospects and economic growth.

Construction Project Management Diploma

Construction Project Management (CPM) Diploma

23 Weeks Program - Practicum included

Construction managers are a high opportunity occupations according to BC government latest labour market analysis, with expected job openings of more than 8,000 over the next decade. The 23 weeks CPM Diploma program at Swenam College is designed to teach students how to manage various types of construction projects, including residential, industrial, commercial, and infrastructure projects. Students will learn about construction regulations and laws, environmental aspects, project management best practices, and working with different disciplines and trades. The program uses case studies, group work, and field trips to enhance learning. Graduates will have improved competitiveness as potential employees, primarily as Construction Project Managers or Construction Superintendents. This program has been approved by the Private Training institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Education, Skills & Training.


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As an institution located in British Columbia, we embody youthfulness and continuous growth, while eagerly embracing new opportunities and changes. British Columbia, a diverse region known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage, is located on Canada’s west coast. With a population of approximately 5 million, most residents call the greater Vancouver area home.

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